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We are a local non-profit organization providing FREE

developmental support and services to children.


Whether a child has a disability or simply needs a little help in a developmental area (walking, talking, eating, behavior), the licensed team of educators and therapists work with families to build a plan tailored to their child and family.


No waiting list! Services are provided in the home and flexible scheduling is available, including evenings.

Our core staff includes speech language pathologists, a physical therapist, and early childhood special educators.We also work with a wider team as needed (such as social workers, dietitians, physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, and more!)

We are a Part C Kansas Infant Toddler Services network and are part of the Tiny-K alliance here in Kansas. 

Kansas Infant Toddler Services ( outlines 17 services available to eligible families and are based on individual need:

• Assistive Technology

• Audiology (hearing) Services

• Family Service Coordination

• Family Training, Counseling (Home Visits)

• Health Services

• Medical Services (for diagnosis and/or evaluation)

• Nursing Services

• Nutrition

• Occupational Therapy

• Physical Therapy

• Psychological Services

• Social Work Services

• Special Instruction

• Speech/Language Services

• Transportation and Related Costs

• Vision Services

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